Natalie Imbruglia Was Scared To Sing At First

WENN reports waited a long time to launch her singing career after leaving TV show ‘Neighbours’ – because she didn’t want to be seen as another Kylie Minogue. “I really wanted to be an actress in the UK but I couldn’t get a work permit,” she explained. “I was so scared to go back to singing because I’d been established as an actress and at the time, there’d been a lot of grief for people who were going from ‘Neighbours’ into a singing career. I was so scared of that negative slant so I put it off until I ran out of money. I mean, I couldn’t work as an actress – I didn’t want to go home to Australia and I didn’t know what else to do. I was going to get kicked out of the country and eventually I thought, ‘You know what, I can sing, I should just be doing something like this’. So I did it when I was backed into a corner and it worked. I think I was just terrified of people not accepting me as a singer.”

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