Natasha Bedingfield Blown Away By Jessica Simpson’s Country Album

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@natashabedingfield) on Monday (August 25) while enjoying a week off in Santa Monica. “I am getting the writing bug again,” Natasha writes. “When I get off tour I always feel like I wake up from some sort world I’ve been dreaming. Touring, fun as it is, takes up a lot of energy. Because of the amount of work it takes to adjust to the different places you find your self in from day today.. it’s harder to stay in touch with what’s happening everywhere else in the world.”

The British pop singer also hyped some other artists, including Terra Naomi, who she saw perform at Hotel Cafe while in the area, and even Jessica Simpson. “I’m not joking, look out for this one,” Bedingfield said of her first country album ‘Do You Know’ (both artists are with Sony BMG). “I heard some of her new album and I was blown away. Country music is what Jess should have been doing all along. When she sings these songs you feel them.”

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One thought on “Natasha Bedingfield Blown Away By Jessica Simpson’s Country Album

  1. Mary MayI says:

    It’s a lie…they lie to boost each other’s sales…it’s all cliques like high school they do whatever to sell records…you wash my back I’ll wash yours…which is a good thing because the industry is so dirty.

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