Natasha Bedingfield Checks In From Her Tour Bus

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@natashabedingfield) on Monday (June 16). Natasha writes:

Throughout this whole tour we’re travelling by tour bus. I’m really enjoying driving through the US rather than flying over it. You definitely get to see more in a bus than using a plane to get everywhere.

Right now we’re passing expansive flat fields in Illinois, little farmhouses all alone smack in the middle of miles of land.

In a few hours we will be in Chicago, which is such an historical city. I’ve got the afternoon off there to go exploring, I can’t wait.

So I’m just touching base. I’m kind of zoned out today because we’ve been driving for 14 hours and I’m lying in the back lounge looking out the window and chilling.

We have internet on the bus so I’ve been surfing all morning. Thanks Perez Hilton for giving props to my mum’s charity, Global Angels. It’s such a worthwhile cause, and I agree with you Perez, it’s doing great things.

I hung out in New Orleans all day yesterday as I had a gig in the evening. My song ‘Pockets’ took on a whole new meaning when I sang there. The people have really had to go through some rough stuff that life has thrown at them… and their determined spirit and ability to let it roll off them is really inspiring. I felt that so much as I was singing on stage. There are some amazing places in New Orleans, we visited the French Quarter and I was amazed at the culture there; so much art and soul.

Peace and love to all
Nat x

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