Natasha Bedingfield Checks In From Justin Timberlake Tour

sent out the following update to friends on her MySpace on Saturday (June 23):

Hi you lot. Sorry I haven’t really blogged on here for a while. So far I’m a much more regular visitor on my website blog –
I assure you though that I intend to come on here more often and send you news. I am so grateful for my huge list of friends. I should do a bit more work to keep you updated.

I’m currently on the Justin Timberlake European tour, which is keeping me busy. Apart from the sheer bonus of working with the JT team on an incredible show, another plus is that the tour fits in nicely with the promo schedule of my new album NB. It has only recently come out in the last month in many countries. Not yet available in the states but soon will be! I’ve been doing a bunch of press in each country in my down time.

Justin is really cool by the way I have to let you know. So no dirty gossip on him because there really is absolutely nothing wrong with him. Hey I got to go because I’m in the studio and I’m being summoned to sing on the mic.

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