Natasha Bedingfield Checks In From LA

Natasha Bedingfield checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@natashabedingfield) on Tuesday (September 18). She writes:

Still in LA getting ready to make another music video for a song that’s about to play on US radio… it’s a new one!

In the last month or two I’ve really got into an intense, creative mood and written some new songs that I feel extremely excited about. I feel like I’m really in a good writing space mentally and emotionally and for some reason the songs that I’m writing are more simple and positive than more recent songs I’ve written. One particular song feels like the clouds parted for a minute and this creative stream just shot down. I wrote and recorded the song in just a couple of hours and it feels to me like one of my best songs yet. I was just in the studio finishing mixing it last night and it was one of those moments when I felt, ‘I was born to write songs like this’. When you’ve just finished a song and there is nothing you would add or take away it’s the best moment for me, it’s that instant that as a song writer I feel completely fulfilled.

I’m not going to build the song up any more as you will no doubt will hear it in time! Anyway, I like to listen to my new songs the morning after so I can really tell if it’s good or not. So I better have that listen this morning before I go proclaiming it the best song ever!

Talking of good songs, I got a sneak listen of some of Alicia Keys new songs recently. It’s seriously good stuff, incredibly silky and with very emotional vocals, so keep your ears open for that.

I met one of my musical heroes the other day, Rodney Jerkins. He produced Brandy, Michael, Janet Jackson and many others. I grew up listening to Brandy and know her vocals inside out so I was really chuffed to meet him. It’d be amazing from a singer’s perspective to work with him as he’s incredible at bringing the best out in the voice and harmonies.

Apparently the Leona Lewis music is going to be great when that comes out. I heard her single and really like it. Another group to watch out for that I’ve really been freaking out over recently is ‘The Script.’ Their album is out soon and the songs are insane, really musical, great vocals and they guys in the band are really hot too.

The producer for my video is picking the guy who is going to be my love interest today. He asked me what type of guy I want for it. I said it doesn’t matter; it should just be someone who is good at acting as the chemistry in the video needs to be believable. It’s kind of funny that someone is going through making a short list for me, kind of like a blind date. I’ll probably get to choose from his picks at the end of the day. Of course what’s weirder is that I already have my perfect type, so none of the guys are going to come even close to comparing with my ideal.


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