Natasha Bedingfield Q&A With Billboard

Natasha Bedingfield sits down for an interview took part in a video Q&A with, where the singer talked about how ‘Unwritten’ was a “a very personal song I wrote to my younger brother”, people liking songs where she’s more vulnerable, how the theme of the new album is the stories that happen in your life and the ups and downs, ‘Love Like This’ being the first song she’s released that she didn’t fully write, teaming up with Sean Kingston on ‘Love Like This’, prepping for her first U.S. headlining tour, and the message behind ‘Pocketful of Sunshine’.

“I feel like an album should always have, well it shouldn’t always, but it’s nice when an album has a them,” Natasha explained. “The first album was about independence and being single and just starting out and kind of making the most of everything. That is where I was at at the time and I’m still like that, but this album was like the next for me move on. The stories that happen in your life, the kind of ups and downs. Again, it’s like commitment I have to myself to be really honest with what I do.”

Watch the interview below the cut.

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