Natasha Bedingfield’s Recent Emotions

Natasha Bedingfield checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@natashabedingfield) on Monday (June 2). She writes:

I hope you’re all well?
Here are some of my recent emotions…
– I’m itching to hear the new Coldplay album.
– I’ve just got the Kooks new album and I love it. I’m a new fan.
-I’m jealous of Rhianna’s hot pixie hair do. She makes short hair look so good. It’s suits her as much as it suits Halle Berry.
– I’m wondering if the Sex and the City movie will live up to how good the show is? It’s hard to successfully translate a show to a movie in my opinion, haven’t seen it yet though. If you’ve seen it, shall I watch it?
– I’m secretly smug that my song has owned a position higher than the single for a few weeks, only because I admire her so much. I sing a cover of one of her songs in my show by the way. She is a great songwriter; I appreciate that more now after singing her song. It feels so good to sing it. I admire how consistent she is.
– I’m missing Chris Moyles. It’s hard to be away from home! That’s the hardest part about the job I’m lucky enough to have. That bloke knows how to do an interview!
– Brandy is the nicest girl in the biz. I hung out with her recently in Hollywood. She’s seriously a good person.
– I’m IN LOVE with my new black and white Alexander McQueen heels. I’m smitten; they go with everything so I’m wearing them everywhere. Also I’m really impressed by American Apparel. Went into one of their shops in Atlanta and took most of it out with me when I left.
Much love
Natasha x

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