Natasha Khan Talks U.S. Tour, Getting Starstruck By Bjork

Singer Natasha Khan of Bat For Lashes

did a Q&A session in New York on January 9th, where singer Natasha Khan talked about touring plans in America, if she views herself a feminist, how recording the title track was the most memorable part of ‘The Haunted Man’, getting starstruck around Bjork, and how her favorite song to play live changes depending on the circumstance.

Talking about U.S. tour plans, Natasha said, “Well, we’re not doing an east coast tour just yet, so these week I’m here doing some stuff, but we’re touring in April, doing a west coast tour, and I think we’re playing Coachella.”

Asked whether she considers herself a feminist, Natasha said, “I think it’s a heavy question. I do in certain respects, and then not in others. I just think people a powerful woman and expressing all of your beauty in all different ways is a good thing to do, so I don’t know if that’s feminism.”

Asked about her most memorable moment recording her latest album ‘The Haunted Man’, Khan said, “We did ‘The Haunted Man’, the actual song from the album, we were in Perugia in northern Italy and Ben was part of the male choir that we recorded out there and one of the experiments was to project the male choir across a canyon out of a huge amp, and all of the male voices hit the end of the valley and came back, and we recorded the slapback delay. That was quite interesting and it sounded great. The song is also about soldiers coming home from war. There’s a definite vibe of men coming over the hill. That was interesting.”

Questioned if she’s been starstruck meeting anyone, Natasha confessed, “I think very early on we played a show in London. It was just on the first record, and Bjork came to the show, and she came backstage afterwards to say hello. For me, that was like, I was so starstruck. I just tried to be cool and be like, ‘Yeah, my friend Bjork’s here. It’s fine.’ I just ended up saying something really weird and we had a really awkward interaction. I was amazed that she came. She seemed really sweet but I was just overwhelmed. I don’t think anyone else.”

Is there a favorite song for Natasha to play live? “We’ve been really enjoying the new tour and I think all of the songs have really grown. They’re much more bombastic and dramatic and there’s one of the songs where I hold up an old transistor radio and there’s cords popping through it,” Khan responded. “That’s quite theatrical, so I enjoy playing all of them live. It changes every night depending on how the night has been, what the audience is like. ‘Daniel’ is always good at the end because everybody dances and hugs each other, but yeah, it changes.”

Watch the interview via YouTube below.

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