Nazanin Returns To Canada After Berlin & London Visits

Iranian-Canadian singer Nazanin Afshin-Jam checked in with her MySpace (@nazaninmusic) friends on Tuesday (October 2). She writes:

I’m home! I was only away for 2 weeks this time, but it felt like months! After my women’s rights conference in Berlin (as posted in my last blog) and participating at PopKomm, I went to London for more press and a debate organized by the Fabian Society after the Labour Party Conferences on: ‘Iran and what the democrats want from us’. Much of the debate focused on the nuclear question and how governments and civil society should respond to the threat. Naturally, I came at this question from a human rights angle, arguing that the only long term solution for peace and stability in Iran and the middle east region is through democratization and the empowerment of civil society within Iran. I have to submit a report to the Fabian society about my arguments, at which time I will post up and share with you.

Her video blog from a trip to the UK a couple months ago at MySpace has since been removed.

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