NBA ‘Hoop It Up’ Hits O-Town

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Dan Miller, Trevor Penick and Erik-Michael Estrada from the recently hiatus-status group O-Town were at “Hoop It Up” in Orlando this weekend. Fans were crowded around all their games just to catch a glimpse of one of their favorite guys. Erik gladly took pictures with fans and when Trevor won the first game he hand shook all of the fans hands. Trevor and Dan were on the same team appropriately titled OUT-OF-TOWNERS and Erik was on another team called Parkdwellas. After they lost their second game on day 2 they left and O-Town fans followed. Yes, it’s true O-Town does still have fans.

Ok my day started out early today also. I only went with my mom because Jess couldn’t make it due to family visiting. I got there pretty much at 10am and looked at divisions 18 and 25. I couldn’t find O-Town. Well I sat down in the shade because I get sun burnt really easily and my mom is like ‘Is that Trevor over there?’ I get kind of mad because my mom keeps pointing out people that looked like them and it isn’t. But when I saw someone in a blue shirt and a short haircut I knew it was Trevor! I got so excited I went over there and took some pics. I felt like the paparazzi because I was behind a tree. LOL! Then I saw Dan because him and Trev or on the same team! It was too cool! I look to my right and see a few O-Town fans here and there and I see Erin which was kickin’ too.

O-Town won that game and moved on the division 31 at 11:30. I shook Trevor’s hand when he won the game…his sweat got on me..I couldn’t have been happier. I saw that whole game, but had to wait a while for the other team to finish on the court. During that time Trevor was lying on the ground and Erin and Dan were sitting on the curb waiting. Once the other guys got off the court Dan and Trevor got on including their other teammate. And guess who else I saw!!! D Black! He was in all yellow and it was cool to see him again because he was also at the last show. Well, the game lasted a while and they lost that one but shook everyone’s hand at the end on the opposing team. That’s when I left to find my mom and I went to go find Erik and see if he was still playing. I caught him and leaving along with Dan And Trevor. It was great because we were all going to our cars at the same time. When Erik got in his BMW he had all his windows down and was bobbing his head to the music! He is hilarious!

And when he went to leave the parking lot he went in a circle in the grass first and then left as a finale! HAHA! A few fans followed him, but Erin was right behind our car! LOL! well he drove a while and then lost them because they went to the Chuck E Cheese parking lot. I hope they didn’t think we were following them, but that was the way to our house! LOL! Well that was the end of my excursion. I took pics and I’ll try my best to get them up. The fans I must admit weren’t nice to me.

I went up to someone to ask if they could tell me the time and division and she did and then another group came up and was like “Just tell her the time and not the division.” I couldn’t believe it, but you know O-Town fans aren’t united I guess and it makes me sad. And at the end two girls followed Erik and they were in the back of the truck and gave the middle finger to someone. I don’t think to me, but to someone. It’s karma though because Erik tried to lose them and they were caught by a red light. Oh yeah! haha!

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