Negativity Amongst Pop Divas Grows

Contributed anonymously:

Back in 1999-2001 three young performers came onto music scene. First Britney Spears, followed by Christina Aguilera, then Jessica Simpson. At the beginning all was well and no bad blood seemed to be there. But it seems as though when Christina won her first Grammy the negativity amongst them started to be seen. For a while both Britney and Christina said it was a “friendly” rival. The more Christina became the critic’s choice while Britney was more of the public’s favorite Jessica sat back and watched.

First the tension was just between Britney and Christina. I personally love Christina but I think she was jealous or more frustrated over the fact that she is undoubtedly the more talented one but yet Britney was seemingly more successfully. So Christina started to let her feelings come through in her interviews with numerous magazines and Britney did likewise. Both taking verbal jabs at each other back and forth.

Jessica, the one who once always complimented Britney now on her reality show “Newlyweds” says that Britney is “gross and completely unsexy.” Though Jessica never said anything directly about Christina it was clear during one of her conversations with her hubby that they both have less than great opinions of Christina.

As these girls grow and become more successful the negativity escalates and has now reached over to people that have nothing to do with it, the fans. The fans of these girls now have to choose who’s “side” to be on.

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