Neither Christina Aguilera Or Britney Spears Are Legends

Submitted anonymously:

I just want to speak my mind about this, and I’m not expecting everybody to agree since I know some of you are too shallow and obsessive over or Christina Aguilera to know the true facts, but bare with me here.

First of all, to the Britney fans.


What exactly has Britney done in a period of 5 years or so that all of a sudden makes her a legend next to the Beatles, to Tina Turner, to Cher, to Prince, to Jimmi Hendrix, to Ray Charles, or to Etta James. I know what most of you will say, “Oh she got a star walk of fame, she sold more records than Christina, she’s the most popular pop star in the world, she kissed Madonna, everybody talks about her, etc.” Now tell me, if one of those legends I mentioned just did that in their whole career, would they become the legends they are today. And be real, many of you just act so dense minded when it comes to just being honest. Many of you act as if there is no other like Britney. Believe it or not, you can probably find many Britney’s in crowd of a thousand people, and they can be just as good as Britney could or just the same. I would respect most of you that can just say, she’s a “pop icon”, but saying that she’s a “legend” or will become one at this point of her career is just exaggerating too much.

To the Christina fans

I like Christina, and YES, she has powerful vocal chords, she can sing, “Beautiful” was a wonderful song, it touched the emotion, she has proven that she cares about woman empowerment through “Fighter” and “Can’t Hold Us Down”, and can’t forget, she won a Grammy. But c’mon, that doesn’t mean that years and years from now she will be remembered for it. Being a legend is all about LONGEVITY, it’s not about just winning Grammys and selling records and being popular. Some of you don’t seem to understand what being a legend is all about. It’s not something that is just given to an artist for a year, or even for a day, it’s an honor, a lifetime honor of achieving so much and making a difference, and being remembered for decades and decades. If both Britney and Christina’s careers were over, there would be very little for us to remember them by, except nothing more than saying, ‘they were pop icons of the late 90’s and were one of the most popular artists of our day.’ THAT IS ALL. Stop exaggerating on both of them…they are young…they haven’t done anything…it’s too soon and too pointless to predict if they will be legends or not. End of story.

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11 thoughts on “Neither Christina Aguilera Or Britney Spears Are Legends

  1. legend says:

    well I could totally say that Britney or Christina will both become legend as of now, even young children know them but more people know Britney because of her music career and being controversial.

  2. Seanyboy says:

    I’m sorry but I do disagree, I like both Britney and Christina but feel Britney Spears is and will always be a legend, not for her troubled times but for the fact that she is a fighter, she has accomplished so much’, yeah she is controversial but that’s a good thing, she’s not boring, people feel the need to judge her only because the media do and the only reason for this is money!!
    Britney has too many fans out numbering the haters so she will always be here, no one will ever be bored of her, I believe things will work out in her favor for her in the future, people say she brought all of her pain on herself but she did not ask to be followed 24/7 its just unnatural. people will soon realize that Britney is not foolish and unreal, it is the fact that she is an obsession for the world, why else start a post about her? if she didn’t have such a hold on the world with her life and her music, then no one would bother with her!
    As long as she is around, there will always be hope for people who have been through what she went through,
    it is not embarrassing or shameful to go through a hard time, it is embarrassing and shameful to exploit these people with lies and disrespect, I have all the respect for Britney and believe she is in fact a very talented singer and insightful role model, she is no longer just the American dream she is now a strong survivor who obviously proves that she will not quit!!

  3. G.A. says:

    I don’t care others but all I know is Britney IS a legend.. Look at last 10 years, how she dominated the world, look at her global impact.. In 2002 just after 3 years she came out, she was already the most powerful star on earth (Forbes). Between 2001-2005 her tours grossed more than Madonna, she did in 5 years what Madonna did in 20 years. Plus her global media impact is more than a “popstar thing”. She’s the most popular woman on earth with a huge performance talent. Only first 5 years of her career is enough to make her a legend.

  4. amna says:

    i don’t care about what all of you think Britney is and always will be a legend. she might be the most famous person in the world.she won countless awards at this moment her 3 music video was # 1 at the billboard.she is an awesome singer and dancer. long live Britney

  5. Jorge says:

    totally agree on spears, half agree on Christina, you are right, even now that she in ten years out you can not say she is a legend, 10 years more and amazing artistic work will say….but what I disagree is that beautiful is only a big hit, beautiful is a timeless song that will be heard on the decades to come many times, just as yesterday or here comes the sun by The Beatles….just wait and see

  6. alex says:

    in 60 more years, when The Beatles have been gone for 1 decade, they will still be listened to. They are passed on generation to generation, like Elvis. my sister and brother don’t give a fu** about Britney anyways. oh, and get it ! Britney just sells because it is what low brains with no talents like from artists with no real singing talents. A performer, hell yes, I agree, excellent one, a legend ? , come on, get a life LOL

  7. cyheny0 says:

    Yeah, Britney is a living legend!

  8. nah says:

    Nah, Britney Spears is a legend in the music business. Christina, she’s a lot less famous, but no less of a legend.

    I think music has just a kind of rough snag, and it’ll pull out of it, but these girls defiantly have worked their ass off to get where they are…

    I mean if the likes of Britney Spears isn’t what you would call a legend I don’t know what the fu** you would, she’s the most famous damn person in the world pretty much..

  9. haley says:

    Um neither are legends in my book. they did not revolutionize any form of music. it takes way more then popularity to become a legend. you have to revolutionize. look at The Beatles, MJ, Janet Jackson, Prince these people are legends. not Britney or Christina. So sorry no they are not legends.

  10. Elvis says:

    When you are only 17 and your debut album sells 30 million copies you MUST be a legend. So, yes Britney is a legend.

  11. Britney IS a legend says:

    Britney took the world by storm and she is one of the biggest selling artists ever with legendary impact and iconic performances.. She is a legend.. Christina is not a legend because she is an imitator of Britney and has no any impact in the industry. Britney rules and she’s a LEGEND.

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