Nelly Furtado Has Baby Girl

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gave birth to her first child, a baby girl named Nevis, on 20 in Toronto, People Magazine reports. The magazine also says that the father is her DJ, Lil Jaz, whose real name is Jasper Gahunia. Read more.

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9 thoughts on “Nelly Furtado Has Baby Girl

  1. jazzprofounder says:

    Nobody should say something negative about this. I am so happy for Nelly Furtado. A beautiful baby girl! That’s so glorious.

  2. single_female_lawyer says:

    aww that’s just grand. I hope the kid is healthy and happy. Good luck Nelly honey!

  3. XTiNa_aGuiLeRa says:

    YAY NELLY!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats Nelly and Jasper! Welcome to the world Nevis!

  4. Britney_Can_Sing says:

    haha what a **** it’s now a mother ***** hahaha

  5. XTiNa_aGuiLeRa says:

    Oh c’mon! Do you have to come in here and post something negative? This is a happy topic. I know I wouldn’t post negative stuff if Britney had a baby and you probably wouldn’t either. Try to keep it happy in here please.

  6. mharinck says:

    ^Ignore, Britney can’t sing ’cause she only needs some attention that her parents can’t give her…. WOW….I’m shock but happy for her and Jasper especially the little precious Nevis….CONGRATS NELLY!

  7. right_wing says:

    Wow I didn’t even know she was pregnant, I was wondering where she had gone! that’s so awesome for her, I can’t wait till I get mine out lol

  8. PaulNick19 says:

    That’s awesome. Doesn’t she have an album coming out in November too? She’s gonna be a busy girl.

  9. DiRRtYRiOtBoY says:

    I’m so happy for Nelly! She is beautiful and I’m sure that her baby is very beautiful as well. I know she has to be very happy. I can not wait for Nelly’s next CD to drop. She has been a favorite of mine since she first came out. For those of you who have AOL, go to keyword:first listen to hear Nelly’s new track ‘Powerless (Say What You Want)’!

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