Nelly Furtado Previews ‘Folklore’

Channel had an 8-minute clip, since removed, of previewing her new album ‘Folklore’, due November 25th. She says the new album is “much more me” as opposed to ‘Whoa Nelly!’ which was more abstract. Nelly calls her ability to throw out different vocals her “arsenal of weapons.”

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2 thoughts on “Nelly Furtado Previews ‘Folklore’

  1. PrincessLambFlops says:

    This is going to be a bigger flop then Charmbracelet!

  2. Cicero says:

    I knew you’d post here. Yeesh, you’ve gotta take a big dose of anti-hate pills, buddy. You’re like X-Tina Dirrty, only with better English.

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