Nelly Furtado Stressed By Penning Portugese Soccer Theme

spoke with Chart magazine about her song ‘Forca’, which was penned to use as the theme of the Portuguese Federation of Soccer’s Euro 2004 competition. “Writing that song stressed me out,” Furtado admitted. “Of course I wanted to do it. I’ll do anything for my country. But a soccer thing! I don’t really do the whole corporate thing. When they ask to put my songs in commercials I tend to say no. Obviously, they’re going to use the song to market the European Cup, which is affiliated with all kinds of sponsorship. So it was a little weird. But still, I couldn’t pass it up.”

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2 thoughts on “Nelly Furtado Stressed By Penning Portugese Soccer Theme

  1. pl says:

    Sounds like a lame song.

  2. personal says:

    I have to agree with PL the song is lame.

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