Nelly Furtado On ‘Mi Plan’, Pre-Show Rituals & Security

Canadian pop singer Nelly Furtado talks about her new album 'Mi Plan', pre-show rituals, a problem with her security and being upset about the rapper Nelly taking the single name she wanted to use during an interview visited ‘It’s On with Alexa Chung’ in New York City on Thursday (July 30), talking about on-the-road webisodes, spritzing herself for the audience, her overeager security crew, a possible collaboration with the rapper Nelly, eating food off the floor, and her new Spanish album ‘Mi Plan’.

Asked why she decided to record a Spanish album, Furtado responded, “For me it’s romantic, it’s songs about amore, love.”

On her pre-show rituals, she said, “We film all these webisodes. We film all these crazy videos on the road, and it’s so much We get together and we jam. We just kind of hang out and sing together and stomp our feet and dance.”

Talking about her security and a recent snafu, she explained, “What happened, I had a concert and I have a label called Nelstar records and my band had a showcase in Toronto, and my head of security did not let a band member’s mother in the backstage. I was so embarrassed. She was mad at me that night. It’s a necessary thing. It can be crazy.”

Asked if she would have changed her name for the rapper Nelly, Furtado responded, “No, are you kidding? I was mad when he came out with one name, because I wanted to just be Nelly, and then I went with Furtado. I think the label in the beginning was like you should just use Nelly, it’s shorter. I was like no, I want to use Furtado. Luckily I did, because then Nelly came out three months later.”

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