Nelly Furtado’s More Mature Since Birth Of Daughter

says she’s matured vocally and lyrically with the experience of her overnight success and the birth of daughter Nevis in September. “I’m letting myself be a little more free on this record,” she tells the Canadian Press. “I’m a real person with real emotions. I’m not happy all the time… I’m deeper than just the smiling, cartoon character from the first record.”

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3 thoughts on “Nelly Furtado’s More Mature Since Birth Of Daughter

  1. getalifeyall says:

    I think its safe to speak for all of us here, but who cares about Nelly Furtado? I like her music and all, but she’s not interesting and I don’t really care about what she thinks or how things make her feel.

  2. Shayboop says:

    Um I actually come here to read about people like Nelly Furtado. Nobody “cares” because she doesn’t feel the need to be the media’s lapdog. She doesn’t have a career based on scandals. Yeah, she doesn’t sell as many albums as Britney or Christina does, but take their scandals away from them, and just have them do nothing more than make music videos, sing on a late night show here and there and see what happens. I like Britney’s new CD, but I hate the way she changes what she says from interview to interview. Pick something about yourself, preferably something true, and then stick to it. That’s why I can’t like her. She’s cute, very cute, and although she isn’t the best, she can sing, and her music is catchy like airborne disease but she’s so fake in what she says, bums me out. I like Christina equally, she can sing her rear end off, but she is trying to hard to be ‘edgy’. I liked the video for fighter, but she needs to quit talking about sex. Yeah, it sells but after awhile you’re bored of that too. People pay less attention to Mandy and Nelly F. and all, but that’s because they’re real. They’re cute, and normal, and they have relatively low-key lives for people of that sort of fame, and to all of you who get off on slamming each other over who has the best voice/body/video, its boring, right? Well its not boring, you guys are boring, people like you who say she isn’t interesting are boring, because you’re feeding right into the media market like they want you too, just like a trained little puppy. Ive been lurking here for more than 6 months and I had to sign up just to say this because I cannot take watching all these naive comments, is everyone here really 12 or do some people just act that way? I’ll take an artist with a unique sound and the ability to be themselves over a tabloid raging media frenzy girl any day.

  3. jazzprofounder says:

    I definitely agree with you 100%. When I see artist like Britney and Christina, sure I am attentive to what they do on stage and what they have to say because it’s interesting, but eventually they get quite boring because nothing changes, socially and musically. The world they put their lives in is so predictable and artificial; their topics in interviews is always about sexuality and their personal love lives, nothing inspirational about life in general. And they also try too hard to program themselves to be people that they probably don’t want to be; they don’t ever seem to be real. But as for wonderful and talented artist like Nelly Furtado, I respect them because they give quality in their music, not quantity. They don’t depend on the media to get noticed; artist like Britney and Christina need them to get this icon status that they have. I respect Nelly Furtado even more because she’s a mother now.

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