Nerina Pallot ‘The Long Tall Grass Of Summer’ Acoustic Performance

Nerina Pallot performs 'The Long Tall Grass Of Summer'

posted the second episode of ‘I Digress Sessions’ on Monday (October 5), performing ‘The Long Tall Grass Of Summer’ on the day her third album ‘The Graduate’ was released. Pallot introduced viewers to her new acoustic guitar, which she hasn’t named yet.

“Today my album ‘The Graduate’ is released. I never thought this day would come. I can’t believe I finished it nevermind I’m releasing it,” Pallot said. “If you’ve already got it, thank you so much. It means the world to me that you wanted to hear what I’ve been up to. If you haven’t, please do if you feel so inclined. There’s something on it for everybody.”

Talking about the song she was about the play before almost slipping on the EP title it comes from, she said, “Today I’m going to play a song for you that’s been on the ‘Buckminster Fuller EP’, that could have been a bit of disaster couldn’t it. It would have been very rude. I’m not that rude, except sometimes. It’s perfect for guitar, it’s a song called ‘The Long Tall Grass Of Summer’. The lovely people at Cort have given me this lovely acoustic, which I’ll be taking on the road with me. I haven’t named him yet, but I feel like I might call him Monty. I don’t know why, that’s probably a really rubbish name for a guitar. I’ll have to live with him for a bit longer and see what his habits are like, whether he picks up after himself or he burps after his meals, we shall find out.”

Watch it via YouTube below.

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