Nerina Pallot Wants Topless Girls In British Tabloids To Vanish

checked in with her Twitter followers (@ladychatterley) this morning, upset with the British tabloid media practice of including topless women in their publications, notably The Sun’s Page Three, wishing that in 2011 it could go away, or perhaps even start something similar with male private parts. The British singer songwriter says:

I got all hopeful seeing Nuts and Zoo trending. Thought they had finally died. But no.

I don’t have a problem with girls getting their tits out on Page 3 etc. But it annoys me that we erect peni aren’t allowed on page 5.

If we’re going to have mass media sanctioned sexism it should work both ways. I say, feminists of the world unite and campaign for cock.

Or let’s just get rid of it altogether, eh? It is 2011 after all and us women unbelievably can cook AND have intelligent thoughts too.

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