Nerina Pallot’s Ankle Heels

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@nerinapallot) on Tuesday ( 9) with an update on her ankle injury suffered last month, which her husband christened her twankle. The British singer songwriter tells readers:

The twankle is no longer and I’m back a-pounding the streetz once more. Me and the husband managed to squeeze in a quick trip to Sardinia for a week and it was super lovely. I don’t know why, but it had never appealed before and I can’t fathom why, having come away finking it to be a beauteous little jewel snuggled away in its own little corner of the Med, awash with beaches of the whitest sand, sea of crystalline clearness like wot I have only seen in the Caribbean before, and close enough to Italy and Sicily for the sumptousest pasta but far enough away so that there ain’t any Mafioso to come and trouble you. Highly recommended, and extensively served by Ryanair, who managed to fly us there and back without busting our eardrums or spilling mushroom soup all over us.

Yeah, so twankle rehabilitation was aided by lots of swimming and I felt all Paula Radcliffe like (when she’s on form, not when she’s hobbling or weeing on the pavement) running in 35°C heat. I am a machine, a lean machine, I tell you! Except that I am really slow, shockingly slow and any grand design I had of finishing this thing in an hour and a half is going all wonky, and if I manage to finish it before the next series of Big Brother starts that, my friends, will be a result.


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