New Britney Album Won’t Come Out On November 18th

Contributed by britney4ever:

MTV News reports that is getting closer to announcing a release date for her fourth album, but the NFL may have prematurely announced one for her. The NFL web page promoting the singer’s upcoming appearance at a 4th season kickoff concert in Washington, D.C., noted in three places that Britney’s upcoming album would drop November 18th. Those mentions have since been removed, but Britney’s official Web site (, having long gone without an update, has new information on it this week, including a line about the album coming out in November. Spears’ label, Jive, has yet to announce or confirm an official release date.

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13 thoughts on “New Britney Album Won’t Come Out On November 18th

  1. HoneyRain says:

    I’m not sure if I’m gonna buy her new album cause I haven’t been too hot for Britney in the past.. but I am interested in hearing her “new” style of music when she releases her first single. if it’s more mature and lyrically deeper than her other efforts.. I just might buy it.

  2. Misty83 says:

    Oh for Christ’s sake release it already! I’m so sick of this ***** saying she’s going to release it in Sept. No Oct. No now Nov.! I mean my god she does this every fu**ing time she releases an album.

  3. britney4ever says:

    Honey Rain, you said “if it’s more mature and lyrically deeper…” are you talking about her new single? I don’t think it will be lyrically deeper, I think she will release a fun or a sexy song like she did with Slave or Christina did with Dirrty, I’m sure her new songs on her album will be more mature and deeper but I doubt for her 1st single, but maybe I’m wrong! And I agree with you Misty, I hate it when they say a release date, but they change it so many times! anyway I can’t wait to buy it!

  4. Misty83 says:

    Your so cute Britney4ever! lol You never seem to get mad and always have positive things the say! :)

  5. Xtina-Dirrty says:

    I just heard on TRL that ALICIA KEYS’ new album would hit the stores on November 18 too. I guess someone’s afraid… LMAO because everybody knows who’s gonna have the album of the year and it’s definitely Ms. Keys’ A.K.A THE GRAMMY AWARD WINNING ARTIST. REST IN PEACE, SPEARS!

  6. dyin2bfamous says:

    Well, I will admit for the first time I might actually buy Britney’s cd. I’ve been reading what producers are saying and it’s sounds very interesting. I’ve liked a few of her songs but never really thought about buying the cd.

  7. Stallion says:

    I wonder what the new Britney album is going to sound like. People are already comparing it to Madonna Ray of light album.

  8. Britney4ever says:

    aww really? I love Alicia and did you read the title of this post?! New Britney Album WON’T Come Out On November 18th.

  9. britney4ever says:

    I have that album (Ray Of Light) I think is the best Madonna’s album! I love ‘Frozen’! So different!

  10. Gimmeabreak says:

    I hope they put the date closer… Nov 18th is a long wait…ooh well less than a month for the NFL concert…at least we’ll get a glimpse.

  11. britney4ever says:

    lol, now I got it!! :P I think Jive is afraid about Jay-Z new album which is out on Nov. 18th! But I’m sure Brit will beat Alicia, but I still love her, she’s so sweet and talented!

  12. Misty83 says:

    people think I’m this crazy ***** in real life, but I’m not! lol I just love to get a rise out of people! The truth is that I really love Britney, Christina, and Justin’s music! lol Shhhh don’t blow my cover! ;)

  13. britney4ever says:

    lmao, shhhh ok! ;) you’re so funny and I really love ur comments because they are more mature than other comments…

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