New Details On Mikalah Gordon Assault

The following message was posted on ‘American Idol’ season four finalist on her official MySpace page, run by “her official website people Michelle and Tara”:

I have been receiving messages / e-mails all morning asking me to give more details to what happened to Mikalah early Wednesday morning.

Mikalah was in a studio Tuesday night laying down some tracks for an upcoming benefit she is doing in Orange County, CA this weekend and took a break in the wee hours of the morning and walked outside with a friend. A young guy came up to them told them to get on the ground while pointing a gun at them. Mikalah was gropped and accausted but NOT raped. She looked up to see his face but he saw her and slammed her head into the pavement. 3 or 4 others joined him in groping Mikalah and she started to have a panic attack and they ran.

Mikalah is physically ok other than a few bumps and bruises. Emotionally she is not doing great. She has every right to be scared and hurt.

Please keep Mikalah in your thoughts and prayers while she gets through this tough time.

We love you Mikalah and we are here for you!
Michelle & tara

The traumatic incident comes just a few weeks after her previous MySpace entry that Gordon, in response to “viscious and untrue rumors spreading throughout the greater Las Vegas area and the internet” involving her sex life, revealed that she is a virgin.

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