New Information About Nick & Aaron Carter’s Stepmom

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According to, on April 1st, of the and his brother not only gained a new stepmother, but a little brother as well! Ginger Elrod-Carter, 29, has a seven-year-old son. Fans aren’t sure of the boys’ name yet, or if Ginger has any other children.

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8 thoughts on “New Information About Nick & Aaron Carter’s Stepmom

  1. milasmine says:

    Thanks for the info airmer. I hope Nick and Aaron do not get lost, so to speak, in this “new” family, considering their father could possibly have more children now.

  2. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    I completely agree..I was thinking about that, too considering Ginger is only 29-that’s younger than his older daughter. I also hope that Ginger Elrod is committing because of love for Bob..Not because of who his sons are. She looks sweet though.

  3. SelenaY143 says:

    That’s weird. Whoa. This is totally messed up. Ginger is 29. Bob is like what 40-ish????! Nick is how old? 24? Ginger has a kid as well… so that makes up for 6 kids in the new Carter Family. Oh my gosh, this is one messed up family. Bob is marrying a woman who is practically twice younger than him. Ew, ew, ew, ew. If I were Nick, I’d be really sick to know that I’d have a Mom who’s only 5 years older than me and to have 5 younger siblings, one who is fairly young to be left on her own. This is just sad.

    oh wait, I think I messed it up. Ginger has a son? oh ok I see.

    This is just sad. Why the heck would Bob re-marry especially someone who’d be old enough to be Nick or BJ’s older STEPsister instead of “Mom”? And let me just emphasize on the “Mom” since it’s definitely in the wrong sentence there. What was he thinking?!? Age does matter. Really it does because this family is already in chaos and I guarantee it will be continuing once the kid that Ginger has gets older. I don’t think Nick & Aaron are really pleased about this. A new mom, a new brother, their mom arrested and out of their lives, is definitely going to affect them pretty much. I know I would be, if my whole family was in chaos and my parents are divorced and you find yourself a new mom or dad. There’s nothing more tragic than that. But who knows what Nick is feeling right now. He might be really upset, that’s probably why he’s with Paris to keep him company. Probably even comfort.

  4. popnicklover says:

    I don’t think that’s sad. I mean, look at Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore. They aren’t’, ‘married, obviously, but they are both adults. When you are both adults, it really doesn’t matter how many years apart you are. It might be a bit weird, yes, but if they truly love each other, then what’s the problem? Although you do have to wonder if Ginger really loves Bob. Of course, we should give her a chance…not EVERYONE out there can possibly money/fame hungry. You know?

  5. milasmine says:

    I’m not so upset about the new marriage…Obviously Bob and Jane’s marriage ended long ago, really, when all their troubles began…So maybe both can be happier with other people, making the kids possibly happier in the process…What I am worried about is the relationship with Bob and his own kids, Nick especially. Where was Nick for the wedding…Nick and his dad use to be sooo close. I hope new responsibility for his new wife and new step-son, as well possibly new kids, will not distance Nick and his father. Nick is Bobs first born son, to me he should have a special place in his heart, I just hope he does not forget this!

  6. Meggz75 says:

    Maybe the kids like her? I am happy for Bob…’, ‘who knows, maybe she will bring some stability to the kids’ lives. The marriage does not mean it is a bad thing. Be positive! And she is not taking Jane’s place as their mom. I am sure she is a good persona otherwise Bob would not marry her. And age does not matter…at least I don’t think so. Although I hate to see Bob married, he is a hot man lol and a cool guy too :)

  7. milasmine says:

    Who are they, to feel thus way. I worry about Nick too, but Bob and Jane are not exactly in the same ball park as the Hiltons $$$, especially since all of their $$$ is from their kids. Yet I know Nick is too good for her, but she is ok…If she really loves him, which I hope she does, that’s all that should matter and that he loves her…Bob should be looking for Nicks approval. It’s funny you would think with Nick’s reputation, he was actually a Hilton and with Paris’s rep. you would think she was a Carter. So they should all be getting along ;) I wonder how the Hiltons feel about Nick?

  8. AiRMERiCAxAO says:

    Aaron doesn’t have a problem with her and I don’t think Angel does, but according to Aaron’s best friend Craig, Jane and/or Bob and/or the other girls don’t approve of her. But it’s not really their business.

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