New Magazine Honor For Christina Aguilera

Conan O’Brien joked during his Late Night monologue on Wednesday night, “ was named woman of the year by Glamour magazine. She was also named woman of the year by Ho monthly.”

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7 thoughts on “New Magazine Honor For Christina Aguilera

  1. BeautifulStrangers says:

    Late night hosts should get new material. They recycle the same old jokes over and over and over again. It’s always Christina is a ho, Britney lip-sync’s, or J-Lo gets married again. This stuff is old, get some new jokes please.

  2. weebongo says:

    I saw that last night. What’s funny is a lot more people laughed when Conan said Christina was woman of the year in Glamour. Probably everybody thought that was a joke.

  3. SOBORED says:

    I love Conan! He’s the best – and Christina has no one to blame but herself for all the Ho comments she gets.

  4. nanda_to says:

    how lame. chrissy is not a ho. its like saying that nick fatter is physically fit and clay gayken is the sexiest man alive

  5. ihateoreilly says:

    Christina is a HO. She’s trying to copy Madonna and is not successful at it. Madonna is selling 100,000 tickets per city while Christina had to cancel her tour because she couldn’t sell 10,000 seats per night. What a sad has been ugly, skanky, old whore.

  6. devil_of_the_paradise says:

    what kinda joke is this???? GOSH,do these people think that they are comedians???? k you can make fun of everybody but NOT HARSHLY AND NOT SO OFFENSIVELY…man I think the meaning of the word “comedy” has changed… and I’m not sayin it because I’m a big Christina fan,it cud b about the star I hate..THESE COMEDIANS JUST EARN MONEY WITHOUT KNOWING THE WORD “RESPECT”

  7. tamie says:

    How is she a whore??’, ‘I never understood the Christina whore comments. She has never been one to be seen photographed with different men all the time. For the past year or whatever she has been with 1 guy as far as we know. I haven’t heard any rumors of her sleeping around with people in the industry like you do with other artists. So how is she a whore? Because of the way she dresses? Dressing racy makes you a whore now? Hmmm

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