New Songs From Nerina Pallot

checked in with fans on her blog at MySpace (@nerinapallot) on Monday (December 15) after posting the new tracks ‘Mary Come Quickly’, ‘I Used To Love You Until You Tried To Kill Me’ and ‘The Right Side’ on her MySpace player. The British singer songwriter tells readers:

I have put up a few songs in varying states. I don’t know that any of these will make the album, coz there are some much, much, much better songs for the album. But being that I too know how to rip streams off the net (and yeah, I do it, I’m smacking my own wrist right now) I’d rather wait until you could hear them at 1000kpbs on a big honking luvverly stereo rather than through tin-pot laptop speakers coz, well, I ain’t bin slaving over a Neve and ramping up the Class A discrete valve gear for sonic excellence for you to hear it all thin and squeaky. (Well, Helen the engineer has been slaving over the desk more than I really; I bought a fab vintage mic pre-amp a few months ago and all I do is switch it on and off and marvel at the pretty blue lights.)

Maybe if enough of you are interested we could have a vote-off and pick a final ten tracks that way. But that would mean making you trawl through 60 odd songs. I know that sounds excessive, but I went from writer’s block to erm, I dunno, laxativeness (!!!) and now I dunno what to pick. Two of these you might have heard when I played some shows earlier in the year. But when once I thought they’d be definites for the album, I am vacillating. So have a listen. Acquaint yerselves with ’em and perhaps they’ll make an appearance at the shows in February.

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