New Track Featuring Howie D. Surfaces Online

Contributed anonymously:

fansite,, has just added a clip to their website from a track called ‘Show Me What You Got’ which is a new single from a Japanese band called ‘Bratz’. Singing along side Bratz are fellow Japanese artist and, of course, Howie D. of the Backstreet Boys. The site has since shut down.

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8 thoughts on “New Track Featuring Howie D. Surfaces Online

  1. babet says:

    I wanna hear boa but I can’t find the link!!!! f.

  2. Stallion says:

    Howie D lip sync and is a *****

  3. Stallion says:

    I apologize to any BSB fan I may offend, but I can’t believe anyone still CARES about anyone from the long gone Backstreet Boys. I’m just wondering when they’ll be featured on “where are they now?”

  4. danica00 says:

    You can d/l the track here: If you wanna see the video, you gotta sign up for the forums.

  5. babet says:

    it’s an ok song….. I love boa!

  6. mharinck says:

    I can’t wait 2 hear the entire cd! Uhh….Howie D. is looking great these days…. Anyway, I just want 2 let everyone that his B-day is fast approaching. SwEEt D. is turning 3-0 this coming Friday the 22nd……HURRAY!!!!!! ~*~ADVANCED HAPPY 30th B-DAY HOWIE D.~*~

    We (fans) always CARED da Backstreet Boys as you cares da ‘so-called’ Nsink……. “I’m just wondering when they’ll be featured on “where are they now?” …..u’re being ridiculous wHoRe bsides how can they featured on “where are they now”……they’re out there doing solo projects not 2 mentions ‘solo’ albums. Also, they are releasing a group album next year…….iDiOt!

  7. Smile says:

    I like Howie’s voice in this song. He sounds good as always.

  8. SKS2K3 says:

    Grr. BoA is Korean!!!!! :P Not Japanese. She just sings in Japanese to make more money for her company :T

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