New Venture Proposed For Ben And Jen

Conan O’Brien joked about Jennifer Lopez and fiance Ben Affleck again during his Late Night monologue on Wednesday night. Conan says, “According to a new CNN survey, more college students know Paul Newman from his salad dressing than from his work in movies. [Laughter] That’s totally true. Yeah. In a related story, Ben and J.Lo have been asked to make a salad dressing.”

Jennifer Lopez & Ben Affleck: The Wedding Question

September 4, 2003 – The question of the day seems to be: When is Ben and Jennifer’s wedding day? Or better yet, where is Ben and Jen’s wedding going to be? There are conflicting reports about the big day and the rumor mill is churning. Access Hollywood separated ‘fact from fiction.’

Ben And Jen To Spend Wedding Night At Bacara Resort

September 3, 2003 – The Sun reports Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck will spend their wedding night at lavish five-star Bacara Resort after walking the aisle in Santa Barbara, California on September 14th. “No expense has been spared. Bacara is idyllic and can ensure their privacy because it is hidden away,” a source revealed. “But it doesn’t have a chapel so they will leave it to actually get married.” Read more.

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