New York – City Of Angels…. And Britney Spears

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I just returned from a trip to New York, and I did notice something along the way. New York must have a lot of people who A) like Britney Spears, and B) don’t like George Bush. But, I will save the Bush thing for another website. I could not escape Britney at all on the trip. Which, isn’t a bad thing I guess. From towering billboards to her knee injury Britney owns New York City. Every shop I went in (gift shops and other random New York specialty shops) they had at least one thing with Britney on it. Most more… everything from T-shirts to magnets to posters and so on. So much that out of our group of 25 travelers – 18 bought something Britney. The Onyx Hotel Tour billboard was very impressive but what was more impressive was the fact that Britney was in NY filming her new music video when her injury happened. Now if you haven’t noticed there are a lot of TVs in New York and many were tuned into reports of Britney’s knee. It was an awesome experience for Brit fans and I recommend Planet Hollywood. There are a ton of Brit costumes and other cool stuff there.

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