‘Newlyweds’ Fan Feels Pity For Jessica Simpson

What has everyone talking about ‘Newlyweds’ is Jessica Simpson, and the pop singer’s lack of intelligence. “She is dumb as a stick,” Alisha, a 31-year-old graphic designer too embarrassed about being a fan of the show to give her last name told the New York Post. “Jessica is totally watchable, like Ozzy Osbourne. She’s not a train wreck like Anna Nicole. You can tell [husband and co-star Nick Lachey] is annoyed by her, but she’s totally sexy so he puts up with it. I felt amused watching Ozzy. I felt dirty watching Anna Nicole. And I feel pity watching Jessica. She’s the show. I’m not sure she knows she’s the show, but she is.”

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8 thoughts on “‘Newlyweds’ Fan Feels Pity For Jessica Simpson

  1. bravegirl says:

    She is stupid, is this chicken or tuna?

  2. weebongo says:

    She’s flaky but the most beautiful musician out there and can sing her as$ off so all is forgiven. What do people expect, for her to be that hot and smart at the same time. Jessica is the kind of girl that was the hottest thing in her high school and is used to getting everyone fight for her attention. She’s a brat but being that good looking spoils you.

    I don’t think Jessica is that dumb either, she has some ditzy moments but we all would if we were being recorder throughout the day. They are picking those parts to make it as entertaining as it can be. People don’t want to see how smart or together someone is on reality TV. They want to see dumdas$es making fools of themselves. MTV knows that’s what gets ratings. Jessica is nowhere near as bad as Ozzy or Anna. Compared to the other shows stars she’s coming off alright. She’s a brat but if that’s the worst quality she has it’s not that terrible.

    Jessica is that beautiful. She has a gorgeous face and a great body. When Jess was in school she was the hottest girl overall. Jess is a classic beauty, she’s the girl in highschool that all the boys want to date and have dreams about. Girls are very jealous and shallow, they can’t stand Jess because of her looks.

  3. Maddie says:

    I agree that Jessica is the show. She’s so bratty is funny as hell. She reminds me so much of Lucille Ball in I Love Lucy. At least it works the show is getting people’s attention. She needed something like that to be in the limelight. She needs more promotion from her record label, because she got the potential to beat Britney any day, she’s pretty and can sing.

  4. OohSexxy says:

    I honestly don’t think Jessica Simpson is stupid or dumb, she maybe spoiled and bratty but not stupid come on. You know who’s dumb? Britney Spears I hardly hear anyone talking about that also the retarded faces she makes all the time!! Besides “Newlyweds” is a good show better than this seasons “Real World” no offense to anyone who watches that.

  5. WaneJessicaSoSoDef says:

    She’s not dumb, but she knows the camera’s are around so she’s gonna entertain. Most likely if you put anyone in front of a camera their gonna act a little out of character…But who gives a sh** if she gets a little goofy, nobody would want to see Nick and Jess just hug and smooch… Idiots would call it sappy.

  6. PandaBear2003 says:

    But what makes no sense is on Jessica’s MB her daddy gets pissed off and has every negative comment made about her deleted or topics locked where no one can add to them, if he cares that much for her how, as producer of the show, can he let MTV do this to her if she’s not truly this bad? This is not creative editing on MTVs part, this is the real, true Jessica she keeps insisting on showing the world. She isn’t that stupid as a royally spoiled biotch. She isn’t that beautiful, she got attention in school because of her boobs not her over all looks, and that is all she know, sex sells and if you shell out sex to people you get a recording contract and a TV show, too bad her sleeping around hasn’t landed her a real movie deal.

  7. PandaBear2003 says:

    Jessica is not smart enough to know she needs to appear stupid to entertain. You give her way too much credit. She is a clueless moron, but she is more lazy than stupid. She’s pathetic plain and simple. You are never going to see Nick and her only kiss and all that crap, since he can’t stand her and only kisses her when someone off camera prompts him to.

    Well now see I don’t like Jessica and it hasn’t got a thing to do with her being “pretty” or that she has big boobs, I don’t like her because she’s a liar, a fake, a fraud, a biotch, spoiled and lazy, all her personality, is why I can’t stand her. The girls hated her not because she was pretty but because she stole their boyfriends to sleep with them, because there ain’t no way in hell she was a virigin on the night of her in name only wedding.

  8. AntiBubbleGumMachine says:

    “When Jess was in school she was the hottest girl overall.” And she was the most like person in her high school class that got picked on too. Your analyzation of Jessica Simpson like she the best thing in world since Apple pie is not only sickening but very troublesome. She’ll never be famous as Madonna, Britney or Christina. But she might take over the crown from Suzanne Somers the most dumbest blonde of all time.

    WaneNuts you’re so freakin’ annoying it’s almost comical! However though, let me say three words to that brain-damaged jessacholic-filled mind of yours about Jessica Simpson: IT’S ALL OVER!!! Hear me; O.V.E.R! So better put some cyanide in your kool-aid…and give your heart to Jesus because after that dreadful show of hers and Nick is through, she’ll never…EVER make another million-dollar seller in her life time…again! So go soaked in your sun in Cali

    Well put. I think you just need to talk to Wane the way he talks to us. He had the NERVE to PM and call me a ***** JUST because I have a panda in my SN. GOOD LORD I’m white. I agree, she’s OVER, Sony is SO CLOSE to dropping her I expect it to happen in Oct. Panda, you had to understand about this WaneNuts character. Everytime we criticized Ms. Simpson and her ditzy demeananor (I and others had been saying about her being a ditz for the longest way before her reality show), he responded by saying really off the wall stupid-ass comments by wishing horrible death on us. Example: He told one of the members here that he should’ve been among the people on one of the two planes that had crashed into the World Trade Center towers on 9/11/2001. I just don’t understand why Music Man didn’t banned him right there on the spot with that comment. Not only is degrading but to very insensitive to people who had loved ones had died on that horrible day. This boy had no shame of what he had just said. I don’t mind of Wane defending Ms. Simpson just because he’s a fanatic of hers but since he just had no emotional feelings towards others and cannot responded in a very mature manner, we bashed him back and others who followed him. That’s why we called him (and others) “Jessacholics”: A term that developed by The JSimpCritic (‘gave you props my man!) You’re right that Sony is about to dropped her because this is her last album under her contract and if Andy Lack (Sony Music CEO) and Donnie Ienner (Columbia CEO) has half a brains and doing the right thing by dropping her like a sack of potato. And won’t be pretty either (LOL!)

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