Niall Horan Discusses Success, Justin Bieber & His Demi Lovato Crush

One Direction member Niall Horan live

Niall Horan from was interviewed by Nick Craig of Channel 955 in Detroit, where the boy band member talked about how things have changed since they last were in America opening for Big Time Rush, how their families have been following their success, Niall being a fan of Justin Bieber, what he looks for in a girl and how is his celebrity crush.

On how things have changed since their last U.S. visit:

When we were in America last time we were opening up for Big Time Rush. It was a long slag of going to every radio station, every city, and doing all the press interviews, trying to spread the word about us, and I suppose it kinda worked. Before we went on that trip we didn’t even have a tour. We were supporting another act, and now we’ve got our own tour, so it’s crazy.

On how their families have reacted to their success:

I don’t get to go home much, so it’s basically phone and Skype and stuff. They’re like, “We see you in the newspapers, we see you online and it’s crazy what is going on”. They are obviously finding it crazy, so they can only imagine how we feel.

On being a fan of Justin Bieber:

I’m a fan and I’ve heard some of his new stuff when we hung out in LA and stuff. His new album is gonna be really big, and he is a really good guy. I hung out with him in London as well. He’s a nice guy.

On his ideal girl:

I like someone who has a good sense of humor. I hate someone who is kind of like a downer in life. Someone that’s cute, has nice eyes. Someone that I can hold a conversation with. Some people you have to struggle to get a few words out of them.

His celebrity crush:

Demi Lovato.. She’s a beautiful girl. Oh, and Megan Fox is hot.

Watch the interview via below.

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