Nick And Aaron Carter Visit The Howard Stern Show

Backstreet Boys star and his visited the Howard Stern Show on Sirius Radio Thursday (September 28). Nick discussed his troubled romance with Paris Hilton, and his first love Debra LaFave, the infamous Florida middle school teacher who pled guilty to having sex with a 13-year-old student. Meanwhile, Aaron claimed he and Hilary Duff lost their virginity with each other.

Nick And Aaron Promote ‘House Of Carters’

September 29, 2006 – Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys and his brother talked with about their new reality show ‘House of Carters’ and discussed how they have put their family before their careers. The show premieres October 2nd on E!. Watch the interview below the cut.

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6 thoughts on “Nick And Aaron Carter Visit The Howard Stern Show

  1. howiesgirl says:

    Sorry Ashlee Simpson thing was lie she said so her self and also she had a boyfriend at the time anyways

  2. mags88 says:

    These guys need to get over themselves & being so proud of their sex lives–esp Nick!! How is any decent, classy girl ever going to be interested in a grown 26 year old still bragging about his conquests-he wonders why he only attracts girls that want to use him for his fame & money. He seems to want a “good ” girl-why would any decent girl want to be associated with all the sex talk. Grow up! I believe they really are both quality guys if they could just let themselves be & let their past go!

  3. galleta says:

    I thought this interview was so funny. So they talk about sex how many men don’t. And I thought it was hilarious that Aaron said Jessica married Nick Lachey just because she wanted a Nick. Just shows that Jessica was and still is a money hungry fame want slut. I’m sure it was true that she wanted Nick Carter back then…lol.

  4. BadAss4Backstreet says:

    They shouldn’t be putting that info out there….that’s just not right!! BUT I’m glad that he cheated on Paris…serves her right for the horrible things she did…. But with Ashlee Simpson? Come on Nick.

    They don’t so much need to get OVER THEMSELVES. They are the most humble guys….HONEST!! But I don’t think they should be talking about their sexual past so openly…BUT in a day when SEX is what gets people with no acting talent into a few movies, and no singing talent a recording contract plus album, and no brains with nothing all that bright to say a book deal…. The world is OBSESSED with sex…..and people are gonna try anything to get their name and story out there….. But these boys don’t need that….let the music and all that speak for itself. But right now they’re selling the world a dysfunctional family, and what’s more dysfunctional than this ***** they’re putting out there right now?

  5. redar says:

    Both Nick and Aaron are sad has beens. Now they have to resort to a reality show to try and sell their music and themselves. After seeing some of the previews and Nicks obvious temper I believe Paris now when she said Nick hit her.

  6. hilaryfan129 says:

    That’s true, but of course she’s never claimed to be a virgin. She said the interview in ELLE was false because she said she’d never talk about her sex life. I can’t believe her first time was with Aaron…poor girl!

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