Nick And Aaron Carter’s Mystery Women

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I’ve heard from inside dependable sources that both the Carter brothers have a special someone in their lives. has said in several interviews that he indeed does have a girlfriend but has yet to reveal her name. My sources has told me that her name is Alyssa and currently lives in California. As for Aaron’s big bro Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys, he too has a girlfriend. No it’s not Isabelle. That whole thing was never true to begin with. But Nick’s current someone is a 23 year old woman named Jennifer. She too supposedly resides in California.

Says Most People Treat Him Normal

August 18, 2002 – Kendra Meinert of the Green Bay Press Gazette chatted with and asked the singer how he feels about girls following him around when he goes to a shopping mall or sees a movie. “It doesn’t bother me, because I’m used to it,” Carter said. “Most people treat me as a normal person, and that kind of makes me feel better about myself so I can be normal.”

Groupies Discuss Aaron Carter?!

August 17, 2002 – Apparently being an underaged male pop star makes no difference to groupies. The latest pop star being discussed is Aaron Carter. While it has been reported that Aaron is closely monitored by his parents and bodyguards, some think he is set to follow in his brother’s footsteps.

Aaron Carter Co-Hosting Nick’s ‘WACK’

August 4, 2002 – reports Aaron Carter was at the Orange County Fire Station #61 across from Knott’s Berry Farm where he taped a new live-action TV show that he will be co-hosting. The name of the show is ‘WACK’ (Wild and Crazy Kids) which airs on Nickelodeon on Mondays at 6pm. Aaron was there all day with 34 kids playing games for the show.

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4 thoughts on “Nick And Aaron Carter’s Mystery Women

  1. 1melinda5 says:

    so nick supposedly has a girlfriend???? isn’t that interesting that on a radio interview just yesterday HE SAID that he didn’t!!! well i don’t know who should i believe?????(maybe nick since he said it himself??)…i think nick is cute and young , i think he is just “playing the fields”…and why shouldn’t he…he’s not married!

  2. Smile says:

    Who knows. They could like those girls or be interested in dating them without being serious or going steady with them. I don’t know. He said that he doesn’t have a girlfriend right now so I’m going with that. As long as he’s happy, I’m happy. Nick is 22 so he can handle himself. KTBSPA!

  3. BSBfanatic935 says:

    why are you replying to my comment with this? I didn’t post the thing! Jeez… and yes I have heard this before. And maybe him and Jennifer aren’t serious or maybe he just wanted to try to keep her out of the limelight… protect her from harsh comments from fans that Sarah, Leighanne, and Kristin have gotten before. And we all remember Willa.

  4. cutiepie0319 says:

    I know Aaron has a girlfriend BS he said so in an interview but Nick keeps denying that he doesn’t so if he does I’m happy for him he has a right to be in love! but I’m gonna believe him and think he doesn’t cause he says he doesn’t and I think if he did have a girlfriend he would tell us like the rest of the guys!

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