Nick And Aaron Carter’s WBLI Concert

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Millie858 from the forum at attended the WBLI Winter Jam in New York yesterday. Justin Guarini, Mario, Daniel Bedingfield, Dreamstreet, Angie Martinez, and Aaron and Nick Carter performed. On Nick’s performance, she says “The lights dimmed and they started playing ‘Girls in the USA’! I was like omfg ah hes gonna do it uh nope wrong lmao he came out and did ‘Blow Your Mind’! omg that boy went nuts… he tripped over the speakers lmao.” Read on for the full review.

Nick & Aaron at WBLI concert!!

we got to the hotel and it was packed beyond packed!! and sad part we knew ALMOST every1 there lmao hahhaha we kinda stayed together me and my 4 friends and we saw Daniel Bedingfield and me and Misa got a pic wit him lol….some girl kept calling him David hahahahhaha he was just like huh?! lmao

ok well most of the acts there were boring…. I was half sitting and standing at some parts….but mostly they sucked!!! also because I had a fever and HUGE headache!!! So yea I was sitting down and only got up for people I liked… I was watching from the monitors!! We were 2nd row then went to 3rd and stayed there lmaoo….so Justin G came on(adeeelllleeee) and he was so good!!! lol… I think Mario was before him and I was right by the gates but moved back because real Mario fans came running up so I was like ok I’m gonna move so they can see him lol…
Then after that was Aaron!!! before he got onstage I was calling him because you could see everyone by the stairs to get onstage lol…me and my friends were calling him for a bit but um yea hes kinda deaf lmao and all those girls were screaming at the monitors at “Dreamstreet guys” yeah but then he turned and saw us and waved and gave us the old kiss-peace sign lol…hahahhaha so he came on and did a few songs to name some lol…. Candy, America AO, Eye of the tiger, do you remember, not another earthquake, some thing about a car?! uh, and other songs I can’t remember now lmao my head still hurts and my ear are ringing!!! but yeah Aaron was like I’m really excited because my birthday is 4 days away… I’m like wtf “Aaron your birthday is Dec 7th today is Dec 2nd making it 5 DAYS!!!” hehehe I was busting his chops hahaha but yea it was cute lol…he took off his shirt when he was leaving what a dork lol I think Aaron did an amazing job I was proud of him!! Then Angie came on I didn’t pay attention at all I went looking for my friend to bring her up wit me but yea couldn’t find her went back and moved back up to the gates!! By this time all my other friends (Tiff, Des, Michelle) were by the front row lmao… Blahh lmao it took about 10 minutes for them to set up Nick’s stage we moved a lil more to the center!! and then the lights dimmed and they started playing Girls in the USA!! i was like omfg ah hes gonna do it uh nope wrong lmao he came out and did Blow Your Mind!! omg that boy went nuts….during the bridge he was by my side and was looking down at us and singing and then was going back to the other side and he tripped over the speakers lmao…..yea then he did my confession,then DIHTCFY (I was tearing up here) I just wanna take you home, help me, and somewhere in here lmao he threw himself on the floor heheh you could see his tum tum and he stripped off his shirt!! He had a white tank under!!! and he looked hot…….he also wet his head on us,humped the speakers on the side, touched himself all the way down, was spitting on stage lmao and threw water!!so yea he did the 80’s song and then he bowed and “left” the went off too but the music was still going…it took me a min to realize it was I Got you and all of a sudden he ran back and started singing it!! I was in shock and i was crying!!! I couldn’t believe he was doing that song!!!he sang that song wit so much passion!! i was so happy!!! and then sadly the concert was over………but all in all it was the best freaking time I had it was so worth it!!!! I’m gonna post a few of my pictures when I get them back because damn I was right there lol… I still cant believe I was able to get past the guards to get back to the front….
well sorry for the lil long review but yeah lol…

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