Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson Are “Everyone’s Guilty Pleasure”

B.J. Sigesmund of Us Weekly was on CNN’s American Morning on Thursday to discuss and Jessica Simpson’s ‘Newlyweds’ MTV reality show as part of their 90-Second Pop, Culture Watch segment. Sigesmund said to host Bill Hemmer, “Bill, it’s become everyone’s guilty pleasure, and I know you’re watching it too. You’re sneaking it in. It’s gotten huge ratings, and it’s because, unlike the Anna Nicole show or something like that, even though she’s sort of dumb and kind of a spoiled brat, there’s something endearing about her, something charming about Jessica Simpson. And it’s funny to see Nick sort of get annoyed by her and put up with her. And I think, also, everyone is fascinated with the first year of marriage within a celebrity marriage.” Read more.

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10 thoughts on “Nick Lachey, Jessica Simpson Are “Everyone’s Guilty Pleasure”

  1. WaneInTheZone says:

    ‘Newlyweds’ has become the second highest rated show on television, behind sex and the city. Congratulations Jessica, Successful TV show and an amazing album.

  2. B0rntoplay says:

    I love this show…its so funny. And, it also made me Jessica fan

  3. jazzprofounder says:

    What a way to make the public eye care more about seeing the REAL person behind those syrupy pop ballads and the sugary coated image. This show has made me like her more as a person. I forget that she’s ever been a pop singer! She’s makes a great show simply by being herself.

  4. PandaBear2003 says:

    Well WANE you’re the ONLY ONE who thinks it’s an amazing album because the press, the industry and her numbers SHOW OTHERWISE. And no I was NOT being sarcastic. It’s about damn time people see Jessica Simpson for what she TRULY is. A LYING, FAKE BITCH!

  5. mel_melanie says:

    Yeah because when they were camping… Jessica just kept on complaining. I never knew that she was until I saw it. she’s like oh I broke a nail and she’s really mean to Nick.

  6. bookmarker says:

    It is not the “second highest…on TELEVISION” as that foul mouthed bigot mistakenly reported it is the second on CABLE behind SITC (which has FALLEN considerably in the ratings this season because it stinks!) Approx 1.5 million people (which is all newlyweds gets ) is pretty low when you consider that other REALLY successful shows pull anywhere from 7-9 million viewers each week. Another reason this farce even placed is because nothing else had premiered yet when it was on so it had no competition! I guess even Jessica is better than nothing else at all!!

  7. famefan says:

    You are right antibubblegum, this was all an I’ll conceived PR stunt from the very beginning. Jessica certainly didn’t have the talent or the endurance to be a singer but she did have HUGE boobs and a pushy stage “mother” father who missed his big chance at being a star because lack of talent runs rampant in the Simpson family. Is it just me or does Joe look like a Queer Eye For the Straight Guy wannabe?? THE LIES: 1)Jessica’s number one hits: SHE NEVER HAD ANY SONG GO TO NUMBER ONE ON ANY CHART; 2) her multi-platinum sales: Sweet Kisses didn’t SELL two million that was the pre orders that Sony strong armed distributors into carrying for the rush of sales that NEVER came; Irresistible NEVER went platinum; and In This Skin barely made it to gold before dropping completely OFF the charts; 3)TRL’s sweetheart: her videos NEVER make it on TRL (the only time they play on the show is the day Sony pays TRL to preview it and sends Jessica to make a fool of herself in person; and 4)she is a singing sensation: NO ONE ever attended her concerts. She left TRL’s concert because people used to boo her and her own Dreamchaser Tour was shut down because even with SIX other acts, a carnival and flying monkeys no tickets were sold. Didn’t anyone else ever think it was peculiar that every time a Jessaholic attended a Jessica concert they were in the FIRST or SECOND row?????? How could that possibly happen unless there was NO ONE ELSE THERE??? And remember her Dreamchaser DVD? They couldn’t pan the audience at her concert like camera men do at other singers concerts because there was no one there!!!!!! Jessica Simpson is image making at it’s best and its worst. She epitomizes the PR concept of making something out of nothing. The only mistake is what they created had no foundation and therefore was too unstable and collapsed when the winds changed. She snapped from virgin to whore and poster girl for anti-drinking to social alcoholic from champion of Mexican orphans to oblivious,habitual shopping addict (she *****ed at Nick for wanting to spend $35,000 on a video which might possibly have successfully launched his solo career when she herself just two weeks prior spent $750.00 on two pair or panties and one bra???!!!????). ALL of Jessica’s many sides are repugnant because they are all egocentric- *Watch Jessica’s father film his daughter’s selfless efforts to help the poor Mexican orphans and see how he always gets her good side; watch how years later Jessica is still reaching out to help the underprivileged Mexicans by hiring one to be her maid and pick up her $750.00 bras and dirty underwear. *Listen to Jessica gush when she coyly reveals that she is indeed “married to God” and then proceeds to sing about casual sex with and irresistible stranger as being “deeper than spiritual” while feigning a mock crucifixion pose – was this to showcase her piety or her busting boobs?? *Come right in and make yourself comfortable in Jessica’s new home she has swung open the doors because she wants her fans to feel like “they are my friends” but be warned if you don’t agree with everything she does and says she will label you a “judgmental Christian” who in her father’s words is just “jealous” of her because her beauty is so “above that of the average person” (and if that doesn’t happen maybe you can rub her feet, clean her house, do the dirty dishes and wipe her butt when she is finished crapping on your head). This was all so predictable there is almost no glory in celebrating the victory which is fall of Jessica Simpson. It was so obviously fake from the very beginning and I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that the 20 people on her MB are all named Simpson- Joe, Zeb, Cletus, Rufus, and inbred Uncle Wane Wane! The fact that Sony felt it necessary to document a marriage between these two just proves that we were right- there is no REAL relationship other than a business one. I relish the fact that Sony felt pressure to PROVE that this fairy tale was true and that this pressure came from us- the few who saw through the smoke and mirrors that were Jessica Simpleton! And if they are indeed married all this show illustrated is the fact they SHOULDN’T be. I only hope that the media gives the divorce as much publicity as the arranged marriage so that show off Jessica’s journey can come full circle-a young girl dreams of stardom and a celebrity marriage, comes to Hollywood gets a record deal, doesn’t sell any records but sells her values to the highest bidder, loses all self respect, loses her virginity (for the fall magazine sales sweeps), loses her record contract, loses husband to hairstylist who seemed to oddly LIVE with them all the while they were married, literally loses the $500.000 see through shirt off her back in California’s community property settlement, gets turned down by Playboy because there is not enough two way tape in the world to hold up those saggy boulders, goes back home to live with parents who regretfully turn her away because their new puppy has better table manners, is actually housebroken and sings better than she ever did. To quote Jessica “If they could only see me now!

  8. AntiBubbleGumMachine says:

    ‘Newlyweds’ has become the second highest rated show on television, behind sex and the city. Congratulations Jessica, Successful TV show and an amazing album. Pandabear go scrub the soap scum off you’re toilets you jealous white trash silicone filled fool. Boy Wane, you mouth needs to be washed out. Not with soap, but with ACID. You know, I wasn’t surprised that their show is a ratings hit and know the exact reasons why…2.5 million Americans know that Jessica Simpson really is a dumb spoiled brat. I called it, Chris called it, Fame Fan called it and The JSimp Critic called it. We all called it down the middle way LONG way before the show ever got it on the air. One thing that Reverend Joe got it wrong about her daughter’s hit show though…It doesn’t guaranteed boost album sales which is in the gutter LOL!

  9. PandaBear2003 says:

    To further add what Famefan is saying: 1) Sweet Kisses only sold 1.7 million as reported by an article written IN BILLBOARD magazine. And In This Skin only sold 150,000 not the 200,000 Joe Simpson stated in TV Guide. That’s worse than Irresistible because it at least sold 650,000 before IT dropped off the charts, Shows that Jessica also sucks as a SONGWRITER. 2) Let’s NOT forget her dreamchaser tour was in PARKING LOTS not arenas. I used to live in NY and saw the ads for when she was in Poughkeepsie she performed in the same place the K104 Summerfest plays except HERS was advertised IN THE PARKING LOT! LOL now she’s TOURING HIGH SCHOOLS. Funny isn’t her music considered soft core porn? Isn’t that illegal to perform in front of underaged children? Don’t worry famefan, you ARE correct. The marriage is in name only, because it was based on fraud, to be used to SELL albums for a loser Jessica (and yes this is true her album was ORIGINALLY scheduled for release DEC 2002 but as seen in HER SHOW she’s so horrible a singer it was not completed till MAY 2003) and since it was entered into in a fraudulent manner it was NEVER legal to begin with, any lawyer will tell you so. WHY do you think Nick APPEARS so cheap? He refuses to shell out HIS money on the scam and lie. If Jessica wants something SHE or her DADDY pays for it. Nick WAS Off camera and then returned with $120 for the maid that did ONLY JESSICA’S clothing, Nick went over and got JOE to cough up the money since it was HIS PRINCESSES disgusting underwear.

  10. WaneInTheZone says:

    It’s absolutely amazing how a whole group of female American yanks can all reunite in one place and this isn’t a Wal-Mart or Big Kmart. It’s nice to see all of you bohemian lowlife’s could pull yourselves away from the recliner, hungry man TV dinners and ‘newlyweds’ long enough to slither to the computer to write such smutty garbage. You must make your deadbeat fathers, wherever they are so proud. Panda- Wow, I’m absolutely surprised you can still manage to pay for your net service working two jobs…In the diner and cheetahs. Exposing your lips for a living, It’s the American way people!

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