Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson Hold Last-Minute Goodbye Meeting

‘Extra’ reports that Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson had a top-secret final goodbye meeting at her parents’ home in Encino, California, where Simpson is now living. They met for more than an hour, and although emotional, both decided she would file divorce papers on Friday. They also stated they want to remain friends.

A Simpson Team PR Campaign Against Nick?

December 20, 2005 – The New York Daily News reports that with most gossip magazine readers are blaming Jessica Simpson for her three year marriage to Nick Lachey ending, the ‘Dukes’ star’s PR man, Rob Shuter, has been floating tips to gossip writers alleging everything from greediness to lechery. “Rob’s been shopping around stories that Nick was messing around, and has been trying to take any woman that was in the same room with Nick and passing that off as a torrid affair,” a source revealed.

NSA’s Pop Eavesdrop

December 20, 2005 – Jay Leno joked during his Tonight Show monologue on Monday night, “In a stunning announcement, federal officials now admit that after 9/11, President Bush secretly authorized the National Security Agency to eavesdrop on people in the United States without a a warrant. Yeah, yeah. In fact, listen to this. They knew days before it happened that Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson were splitting up. They knew!”

Jennifer Aniston Denies Contacting Jessica Simpson

December 18, 2005 – Jennifer Aniston scoffed at a report claiming that she called Jessica Simpson with comfort and advice after her marriage with Nick Lachey ended. “I’ve never spoken to, not even tried to call, not that I wouldn’t, Jessica Simpson,” Aniston said. “I don’t even know the sweet girl, but my thoughts are with her.”

Jessica Simpson Gets Celebrity Support After Split

December 18, 2005 – Among those helping Jessica Simpson cope with divorcing Nick Lachey are two female stars who have dealt with their own very public breakups, Jennifer Aniston and Jennifer Lopez. “[The contact] has been very minimal, but [Simpson and Aniston] have connected,” an insider tells Us Weekly. “It is more of a you-go-girl kind of support.” As for J.Lo, a source says she “passed on a sweet not to Jessica last week. It is nice that these older celebrities are looking out for her.” Simpson’s rep Rob Shuter, refusing to comment on specific stars who have offered support, said, “The outreach from other celebrities has been overwhelming.”

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2 thoughts on “Nick Lachey & Jessica Simpson Hold Last-Minute Goodbye Meeting

  1. galleta says:

    Nick really loves her…wow..he needs to get over her, I’m sorry she’s not that great. Yeah she’s pretty but geez that’s all she is get over her Nick you can do a whole lot better.

  2. jazzprofounder says:

    Sounds sweet but sad at the same time. I think that’s a mature way to say goodbye instead of walking away bitter.

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