Nick Carter And AJ McLean On KIIS FM

Contributed by cham:

Nick Carter of the was on LA’s KIIS FM on Wednesday the 18th, talking to JoJo with special guest AJ McLean. Nick wasn’t asked the inevitable question about what he thought of Justin Timberlake, but when JC Chasez’s song came on the countdown, AJ couldn’t stop gushing how much him and his fiance’ loved it. He even added a, “Go JC!” before the song started.

Nick performed two songs, both of them his current singles, ‘Help Me’ and ‘Do I Have To Cry For You’. And he gave a little insight on if he is going to tour or not, stating that a “February tour” before they started recording was being thought about at the moment. AJ also hinted to a “fall tour” which would take place next year.

They were asked about the rumor that the album was already recorded and that the single was already picked. Both AJ and Nick responded with, “Uh…we THOUGHT we had it recorded and picked out,” but didn’t elaborate further.

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