Nick Carter At Mix 93.3 Concert

Contributed by Smile:

I wanted to start off my saying that yesterday was one of the best days of my life. of the Backstreet Boys sounded and looked incredible. He had on black jean type pants and a white shirt with black sleeves. I had excellent seats and Nick was about 12 feet away from me the whole time. He is so passionate about performing. You can feel it.

Nick didn’t use any choreography. It was all him. He was free to do what he wanted and it made the show a heck of a lot better. When he introduced himself, there were women screeming at him and he said ‘I love you too, baby’. It was sweet. He also sprayed the crowd with water. He sang ‘Help Me’, ‘My Confession’, ‘Do I Have To Cry For You’, ‘I Stand For You’, ‘Blow Your Mind’, ‘I Got You’, and ‘I Just Wanna Take You Home’.

At one point he was playing the electric guitar. He had just about everyone up on their feet. My ears are still ringing from everyone screeming. The whole show was just amazing and I’ll never forget it. I have gained so much more respect that I already had for him (I didn’t even think that was possible). Nick, just like the other guys, love what they do and are so talented at it. I’m proud to be a BSB fan.

Some of the other performers were Uncle Kracker, Craig David, Lifehouse, and Mario.

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