Nick Carter Beatboxes At Tampa Show

Contributed by elgato:

Frackluve at attended a show for Tony, a former member of Backstreet Boys’ band, on Valentine’s Day. Tony’s music ranges from R&B, R&B ballads, and rap/hip-hop. He invited to make a guest appearance at his Tampa, Florida showcase. Frackluve says, “Nick introduced Tony. He looked good. Although, when he first showed up, he had on a jersey and you could see his all the arm tattoos. I liked that better than the jean jacket. Anyway, Tony and Cuba rocked it. As expected, Nick couldn’t sat off the stage and he did start jamming with Tony and crew – before beatboxing (That’s a new one on me. I never knew he could do that!) LOL, man he is crazy! As we all know he was in rare form last night.” Though heavily influenced by rock, hip hop isn’t new to Nick. He raps on several songs on his solo album, including ‘Payback’, ‘Is It Saturday Yet?’, ‘I Stand for You’, and ‘Wanna Shout’. Check out a flyer for the gig here.

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