Nick Carter & Brian Littrell Reunite In Atlanta

Contributed by elgato:

It’s probably been years since fans have seen and together. Well the wait is over. Both Brian and Nick will be participants in a celebrity basketball game that will help kick off the 2003 NBA season for the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. This game is called the “NBA Entertainment Celebrity Slam” and will follow the Hawks home opener against the Indiana Pacers. In addition to Nick and Brian, other star players include Frankie Muniz, Morris Chestnut, Bill Bellamy, Dean Cain, Larenz Tate, Tyson Beckford, and more. The game will be held on November 1st, and the only way to get in is to have tickets for the Hawks/Pacers game that precedes it. Get more info at

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5 thoughts on “Nick Carter & Brian Littrell Reunite In Atlanta

  1. elgato says:

    That will be cool. While nick’s in town he should stop by Brian’s house and duet on a song and put it on his next album.

  2. mamsieg says:

    That is pretty cool. Now I am really slow, did they get into some sort of fight a while back or something. Or Brian was mad about Nick doing a solo album or something?

  3. Stallion says:

    So sad how Nick Carter abandon his sorry ass group just to make a feel bucks off his solo album that was a big FLOP

  4. Smile says:

    I’m sure they’ve had arguments before. Most all friends have. But obviously everything is OK between them because they wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t. At the end of the day, Nick and Brian will always be best friends. That’s just the way it is.

  5. SelenaY143 says:

    Oh I thought this was about, they’re like best friends again, as in close again since last time. :) I mean, since Brian was so busy with his family, it seems like him and Nick didn’t shoot some hoops together very often. But that’s cool. Go Nick and Brian!!!!! Three cheers! lmao Frankie Muniz is there? lol haha I hope they beat him and Tyson. lmao Go Boys!

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