Nick Carter & Christy Lane Star Article Claimed To Be False

Contributed by ATC_Dee:

The recent issue of Star magazine is false. Christy Lane is not, and was not dating Nick Carter. According to an admin at Angel Carter’s official website, the writer of the article (Jose Lambiet) is reportedly being sued and also losing his column. Rumors were sparked when Christy hugged the star at an airport and a picture was snapped of the together. Lane says that they are only friends.

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7 thoughts on “Nick Carter & Christy Lane Star Article Claimed To Be False

  1. popnicklover says:

    I knew it was false! And the moral of this story is to never believe a tabloid! If you do, then you must be pretty damn gullible!

  2. ChelGurl17 says:

    Even if they aren’t dating, they’re still really good friends. Christy is into the boating thing too, so they see each other at the races all the time. And to any fans going to Nicks Atlantic City concert this weekend check for Chris, she’ll be in the front row ;)

  3. Stallion says:

    Of course it was false Nick Carter is gay he doesn’t date girls he only date guys.

  4. mharinck says:

    Oh, come on…… you’re falling 4 Nick?!?? ….he doesn’t want peeps like yourself and besides, Nick is a ‘straight guy’…..sad

  5. As_you_wish says:

    None of you know how happy I am that this is not true!!!! I know I will never have that sexy sexy man, but, still, if he has to fall in love, let it at least be with someone his own age!!!! Besides, I hardly believed that Nick would be crazy about Christy having kids. I know he said he liked visiting the sick kids at that hospital that he was forced to go to after his arrest, but still, he would never date a single mom, he’s not mature enough, and he knows it.

  6. eve_cutebsbfan says:

    I’m so happy that it’s false, I knew it wasn’t true! :p

  7. Meggz75 says:

    HAHAHA stupid reporter! That’s what she gets for reporting false info. And Stallion dearest.. Nick is NOT gay… I know this and any female that meets Nick knows this…don’t be hating :D Make love not war…hell.just make love!

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