Nick Carter Confirms Nipple Piercings

Contributed anonymously:

According to BSBKittie on the forum at, Nick Carter confirmed his nipple piercing. She writes, “I’m here to announce that the ‘trupletas’ have done it again. lol. we went to the taping of American Jrs, Jenna asked Nick about his nipple piercings, and he was completely shocked that we knew. He said, ‘I just got that done 2 days ago. How do you know about it?’ The look on his face was priceless! We met him outside of the studios and got a few picture of him. Tony was with him. Nick also said his nipples were very sore and he said, ‘They hurt like hell!’ We asked about his album, and he said he’s working on it. Pictures should be up in a couple of days! Nick looked hott!”

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