Nick Carter Fan Get’s Punk’d By Sev

Contributed by elgato:

On Sev’s website, the group left a little message about a prank they played on a fan. The group was the opening act on Nick’s Now Or Never tour and have a bunch of girls phone numbers and pictures that were left for him. So they called one of the girls up, getting a guy to pose as the star. The website says “At every show there is always a handful of girls who leave something behind for Nick to have. Sometimes its a stuffed animal or a 20 page folder professing their love for Nick. Of course they want to meet him, I mean why not? He is dreamy! So we had our friend Jon call up a lucky Nick Carter fan after the Las Vegas performance. He posed as Nick wanting to meet her.” They said that the girl STILL keeps in touch with Jon, thinking that she’s really talking to Nick. Watch 5 minutes of video clips of some of these phone pranks by clicking on the ‘Nick Carter and Sev’ link at

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One thought on “Nick Carter Fan Get’s Punk’d By Sev

  1. opl says:

    I thought the show was at its funniest during the first half of the first season!!! I still like the episode with Nick though it was pretty funny

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