Nick Carter Found Some Animosity On Solo Album

Backstreet Boys star talked with Seventeen magazine about his upcoming solo debut album, which he says is getting support from his bandmates to a certain degree. “Sometimes there can be a little bit of animosity in certain places,” he says offering no details. “But at the end of the day, this is
something I want to do very badly. I know they won’t hold me back.” As for the release dates for both albums being so close, “They both are up in the air. My album is coming along little further. Of all the groups out there,
I think we have some of the most talented people. I think we could all be individually successful and have fun doing it by ourselves.
When I hear rumors about us breaking up, I toss them out the window, because it’s not true. I’ve been with a group since I was 12 and I just wanted to try something different. A lot of people sad, ‘Don’t do it. It’s the wrong time.’ I guess I was thinking, “When is the
right time?” Check out scans from the article/photos here.

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