Nick Carter Gets Robbed

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Nick Carter did an interview with Rob of YTV’s Hitlist. In the interview, the star admitted that his favorite sibling is Aaron Carter, he has 20 tattoos, his favorite *NSYNC member is Joey Fatone, he hates liver, and favors his Cadillac Escalade. Read on for the transcript.

[From YTV’s Hitlist]

Nick gets Robbed

Rob: Alright are you ready to get robbed?
Nick: Rob me

Rob:What’s your name?
Nick: Nick

Rob: How old are you?
Nick: *laughs* 23..

Rob: What’s your favourite colour?
Nick: Green

Rob: What’s your favourite car?
Nick: Escalade..

Rob: What is it?
Nick: Escalade….Cadillac

Rob: K.. favourite holiday?
Nick: Umm… Halloween

Rob: Whats the weirdest costume you ever had?
Nick: uh…. i dunno.. G.I. Joe

Rob: Ok and I take it that was last year? haha, just playin..

Rob: Ok, favourite video game?
Nick: Mortal Kombat

Rob: Favourite Nsync member?
Nick: *laughs* umm.. i dunno, Joey?

Rob: Favourite sibling… you don’t have to answer
Nick: uhh.. Aaron

Rob: Aight, Aaron if you’re watching your brother loves you

Rob:How many tattoos do you have?
Nick: oh man.. i can’t remember

Rob: well, give us an estimate.. 5..
Nick: 20..

Rob: 20?? Wow…

Rob:Any peircings we don’t know about?
Nick: *Nick looks down* no! haha, jus playin

Rob: What food do you hate?
Nick: I dunno.. i like all food

Rob: even liver?
Nick: Oh no…. I hate liver!

Rob: K, I’m gonna same some names and you finish them..
Nick: ok..

Rob: Avril
Nick: Lavigne

Rob: Mariah
Nick: Carey

Rob: Craig
Nick: David

Rob: Elton
Nick: *laughs* John

Rob: K, i’m gonna sing a song and you finish it.. “Help Me..”
Nick: Figure out the difference…. between right and wrong…
*both of them laugh*

Rob: Congratulations, You’ve just been Robbed!

Source: BackstreetNews Yahoo Group

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