Nick Carter Goes Wild In Tonight Show Performance

star performed ‘Help Me’ off his debut solo album ‘Now or Never’ on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Wednesday. Nick’s spirited performance where he was jumping up and down, shoving his face in the camera, and kicking down his mic stand prompted Jay’s other guest Dennis Miller, who appeared to be at least intoxicated on alcohol, to join in on the fun and knock over the table and a chair as Nick sat down. Nick was out of breath after the performance and had a little trouble fielding the questions. Read on for a transcript.

Jay: Yeah. That was good.

Nick: Thank you.

Jay: Good job, man. Nice work.

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Applause ] They’re backing out tomorrow. They’re backing out tomorrow.

Dennis: He kicked the mike over, he got a bigger applause than I’ve
gotten in my [ Bleep ] Career.

[ Laughter ]

[ Applause ]

Jay: Let me ask you something. You’re one of five, right? Was your house
like that when you were a kid?

Nick: Oh, yeah. I don’t know how you can handle them kids. I’m just
like — I’m the oldest in my family. I’ve got a little brother. His name’s

[ Audience oohs ]

Jay: They’re twins in your family, right?

Nick: He’s — god, I’m out of breath. Sorry. But he’s — you know, he’s
got a twin sister, actually.

Jay: Right. Okay, okay.

Dennis: Is your father jimmy?

[ Laughter and applause ]

Jay: Dennis is really not up on the music scene. I have to apologize.

[ Laughter ] Sorry. So you’re like a big powerboat guy.

Nick: Yeah, yeah.

Jay: We have an interest in common. Okay, what kind of powerboats have
you got?

Nick: Actually, I’m an owner. I started teteam earlier this year. And
I have a 42-foot skater, which is actually a fountain. A fountain, but
it’s a skater design, and it runs 2 800 horsepower engines.

Jay: Wow, now we’re talking. Yeah. Screw this music, let’s talk engines.

Nick: That’s what I’m saying.

Jay: Yeah, yeah. Cool.

Nick: No, I came from, you know, a family that liked motors and powerboats
and stuff like that. And the end this year, we’ll actually — oh, god,
I’m out of breath. Sorry.

Jay: What’s the fastest you’ve ever gone on the powerboat?

Nick: I’ve actually driven my boat. Mine goes to 120 on the water.

Jay: Cool.

Nick: Which is extremely fast. And you know, at the end of this year,
we have the biggest race of this year, which is the world championship,
and it’s the 22nd, you know, through the 24th of this month, november.

Jay: Cool.

Jay, I’ve just got to —

[ Laughter ]

Jay: I want to thank my guest. Nick, good job, man. Man, take a break.

[ Cheers and applause ] “Now or never’s” the cd.

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