Nick Carter Has A Frog In His Throat & It Tastes Like Chicken

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A fan went to see the star live. She had a great time. She calls Nick one of the best performers, and she will never ever froget that night. She said she could almost touch him, and got water on her from him about three times. On of is songs ‘Who Needs the World’ his voice cracked and he said, “I got a frog in my throat, it tastes like chicken.” Read on for the full review.

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I went to Nick’s concert in Philly on Friday nite and it was sooooooo amazing! We got there around 7:15 since doors opened at 8 and still managed to get second row!

I was so close to Nick that I could almost touch him..if I were only a little bit taller :( He looked and sounded sooo great. When he came out and they started playing Girls in the USA the crowd went crazy! When he came out I couldn’t believe it..I was shaking soo much. His hair was combed down except for a few pieces that were sticking up all over the place. It looked sooo cute!

He was wearing a reddish-orange vintage t-shirt with blue faded jeans that had a chain on them and converse sneakers. He kept pouring water on himself then shaking his head everywhere..he hit me in the face with water about 3 times!! Then he just kept pouring water all over the crowd..this boy has so much energy. He was headbanging, jumping everywhere, crawling on the floor, it was amazing!! His voice was sooo one point, his voice cracked during “Who Needs the World” and he’s like “I got a frog in my throat, it tastes like chicken”. So cute! Then he did a medley of BSB songs..he sounded so great. That boy can def sing!

The best part of the show was when he pulled a stool and a microphone to the side of the stage and did a medley of DIHTCFY and Everything I Do.. the lights were down, only a spotlight was on him. It was so intimate and he was so emotional. The expression on his face was priceless! The show lasted for like an hour and a half and by the time it was over I couldn’t talk ot walk anymore. This is def one show that I will never ever ever forget. Nick is one of the best performers and his concert was the most amazing thing I have seen!! I love him sooo much!

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