Nick Carter Has A Huge Fan In Minneapolis Now

A fan on the JJB message board met star at the Mall of America in Minneapolis on Thursday night. JCsPixieStar writes, “Stood in line for 15 hours, sweet mother of God Christ on crutches.
He came out on time (yay!) and I was like 12th in line right. I got up there and im like ‘hi’ and he’s like ‘hey hun, how are u?’, and I’m like ‘tired’ and he’s like ‘awww [I] heard all you guys stood in line for a long time, that’s so nice of y’all’ and I’m like, ‘yep…*grins like a dork* can I have a…’ and hes like SURE! cause he knew what I was going to say and he gave me a hug and kissed me on the cheek and said thanks for coming… I am now, a huge Nick fan.. Sweet Jesus. And I told my friends that couldn’t be here said hi, and he told me to tell the people who wanted to go but couldn’t hi… lol@me holding up the line.”

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