Nick Carter Hires ‘Pick King’

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Frackgrl1128 from the Backstreet Boys forum at says she got to meet and his band recently at the Winter Jam concert. Daniel B. Marshall, the band’s old guitarist, was fired for reasons still unknown. Frackgrl1128 got to meet his replacement. She says his name is Dwayne, and he “is married. Met the wife and Dwanye is now known as the Pick King (as Nick calls him) because Nick couldn’t find a guitar pick to play during ‘I Just Wanna Take You Home’ and Dwanye had another one on him.” During concerts, Nick plays guitar on ‘I Just Wanna Take You Home.’ Read on for the full article.

I just got back from winter jam!!!! i was supposed to be in the 31st row on the floor and got moved up to the first row!!!!!!!! i touched nicks hair, grabbed his pants, got water dumbed on me by nick, touched aarons hand twice, got a pic wit nicks band ( i met all of them but not alicia at a hotel nearby) was told to go back after the show to the hotel and his new guitar player dwanye (who my friends mom made friends with in the hotel) said to come back and he’ll see what he can do…but i have stupid school tomorrow and homework….but i think i got some awsome pics i’ll post some as soon as i get them developed. nicks perfomance was awsome he sany blow you mind, help me, DIHTCFY, some other cover song, i just wanna take you hime, and i got you …i think thats it…he stripped on down to a undershirt…was sweating like crazy….was jumping alll around the stage. anyways i can be a bit more detailed but i have to do homework

P.S. dwanye is married..met the wife and dwanye is now know as the pick king (as nick calls him) b/c nick couldn’t find a guitar pick to play during i just wanna take you home and dwanye had another on him

also if anyone was there and i made a mistake just lemme know…i’m wayy to tired but it was such a better experience that summer jam

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