Nick Carter In Manhattan has photos of star Nick Carter, back from his trip to Sweden, on streets of Manhattan Monday. Check out the pictures here.

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6 thoughts on “Nick Carter In Manhattan

  1. Smile says:

    Nick looks cute, as usual. White looks good on him. Glad he got back safe.

  2. BSBfanatic935 says:

    yeah he looks good in white and other light colors cause it shows off his tan. anywho… yeah Nicky’s back in the good ol US of A hehe ;-)

  3. AJsGirl4Life says:

    I was thinking the same thing! *lol* I think they’re just long shorts but the angle that the pics were taken makes it look like they’re a pair of pants that were too short for him! KTBPA

    Ha Ha! He sometimes tends to have a weird sense of style when it comes to clothes but hey, that’s why I love him!

  4. BSBfanatic935 says:

    exactly! and if you need a reason to explain anything he does… all you have to say is “It’s Nick!” lol

  5. nickchaoshoneybsb1 says:

    nick carter always gorgeous for me, he’s the best, love him, nick carter and Backstreet Boys rules.

  6. jrtzflyhunnie says:

    yeah, nick looks cute… i like that hair cut better than his new 1.. but oh well he still will look cute.

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