Nick Carter In TRL Staff Diary Entry

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On October 29th, TRL writer Joel Solomon wrote in his TRL diary “Last week was TRL’s 1,000th episode, and I’ve got to say one of the highlights for me was MTV laying down a credit card later that night for drinks. But during the show ’s resounding performance of ‘Help Me’ was the moment I’ll remember. The rock ‘n roller himself, Nick Carter is back on the show today and I can’t wait to see what he’ll jump on, over, or through today. One of my favorite things about working here is seeing huge crowds gather outside for the show and Nick Carter pulls one of the biggest. Going to window is really a phenomenon, sometimes before the show I walk over to the windows just to see the crowd and kids yell and point at me like I have money to give away or something… We’re doing ‘The Wringer’ with Nick Carter today so Elliott and I are gonna get crackin’ on juicy questions to ask Nick now. I’m thinking, The last time you talked to ? Who is your favorite member of ? What’s the capital of Florida? Last movie you cried at?”

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